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Indications/Uses For all types of anorexia as seen in malnutrition & anorexia nervosa. For nutritional support in post-op states, chronic illness, metabolic disorders, Fe-deficiency anemia & convalescence.   Dosage/Direction for Use Adult  1 cap bid....
BrandPropan with Iron Drug PackagingCapsule 1's
Indications/Uses Anorexia of somatic or psychogenic origin in underweight patients, in whom prevention of vitamin-B deficiency secondary to impaired dietary intake or absorption (e.g. as a consequence of antibiotics or other drug therapy interfering with absorption or utilization of...
BrandMosegor Vita Dosage Strength500 mcg / 3 mg / 3.2 mg / 2.4 mg / 19 mg
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Indications/Uses Multivitamins + Iron (Stresstabs) is indicated for the prevention and treatment of Vitamin B-complex, Vitamin C, Vitamin E and Iron deficiencies during periods of stress.   Dosage/Direction for Use Adult: One tablet daily or as prescribed by a...
BrandStresstabs Dosage StrengthFormulation: Each Tablet contains: Ascorbic Acid-600 mg Niacinamide (Vlt. B3)-100 mg Ferrous Sulfate-82.14 mg Pantothenic Acid-20 mg dl-Alpha Tocopheryl Acetate (Vit. E)-30 IU Thiamine Mononitrate (Vit. B1)-15 mg Riboflavin (Vit B2)-15 mg Pyridoxine Hydro
Indications/Uses Paracetamol + Vitamin B1 + Vitamin B6 + Vitamin B12 (Dolo-Neurobion) Tablet is used for the treatment of mild to moderate pain (mixed pain generated by nociceptive and neuropathic components). Explanatory note: Mixed pain conditions include back pain (lumbalgia,...
BrandDolo-Neurobion Dosage Strength500mg / 50mg / 100mg / 100mcg
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Indications/Uses Used in the prevention and treatment of iron deficiency anemia and Vitamin B complex deficiency, prenatal hematinic.   Dosage/Direction for Use One capsule daily or as prescribed by the physician.   Administration Should be...
BrandFORALIVIT Drug PackagingCapsule 1's
Indications For the treatment or prevention of Vitamin B1, B6, B12 deficiencies due to inadequate dietary intake, indisturbance in absorption, tissue requirements.   Dosage Orally, 1-2 tablets daily. Or, as prescribed by a doctor.   Administration...
BrandVitaplex-B Dosage Strength300 mg / 100 mg / 100 mcg
Indications/Uses GLUTAPHOS is a neurotonic, an agent that improves the tone and force of the nervous system. It helps support and improve cognitive function. It is used as an aid in enhancing mental faculties: Productivity, concentration, clarity, memory and to refresh the dull and...
BrandGlutaphos Dosage Strength325mg / 200mg / 5mg / 10mcg
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Indications/Uses Vitamin C and zinc supplements for adults and children to be strong, healthy and mentally alert. Reduces the duration and severity of common childhood infections, eg, pneumonia and diarrhea.   Dosage/Direction for Use Syrup:   Adults and...
BrandPedzinc Plus C Drug PackagingSyrup 120ml
Indications/Uses For the prevention and treatment of Iron deficiency anemia.   Dosage/Direction for Use See table. Missed Dose:  If the patient misses a dose, just take the next dose and the subsequent doses at the usual recommended schedule, i.e.,...
BrandUnited Home Fersulfate Iron Dosage Strength65 mg (Equi. 325 mg ferrous sulfate)
Indications/Uses For the enhancement of appetite, for weight gain and nutritional support in growth and development, and to restore vitality.   Dosage/Direction for Use One capsule daily or as prescribed by the physician.   Special Precautions...
BrandAppetrex Dosage Strength10 mg / 1.8 mg / 20 mg / 5 mg / 5 mcg / 80 mg / 25 mg
Indications/Uses Nutritional supplement in patients with depressed appetite.   Dosage/Direction for Use Orally, one teaspoonful (5 mL) daily. Or, as prescribed by the physician.   Administration Should be taken with food.  ...
BrandAppebon Drug PackagingSyrup 120ml
Indication Prevention and treatment of iron deficiency anemia and Thiamine, Pyridoxine and Cyanocobalamin deficiency. It is also used in prenatal hematinic.   Dosage One capsule a day or as prescribed by the physician.   Administration   Administer with...
BrandMyrevit-Fe Forte Dosage Strength150 mg / 50 mg / 25 mg / 25 mcg
Indications Supplement for children with the combination of Vitamin D and Chlorella Growth Factor (CGF) that helps growing children reach their maximum height potential and aids in the development of strong bones and muscles, to make children not just tall, but also strong....
BrandGrowee Drug PackagingSyrup (Drops) 15ml
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Indications/Uses This nutritional supplement is used for the following conditions: As an adjunct in the management of acute diarrhea; To help boost immune function; To help support optimum physical growth and development.   Dosage/Direction for Use See Tables 2 and...
BrandE-Zinc Dosage Strength10mg /ml (equivalent to 27.5mg Zinc Sulfate)
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Indications Renal Nutrition Therapy   Administration Should be taken with food: Swallow whole, do not chew/crush.   Contraindications Hypercalcemia, disorder of amino acid metabolism.   Special Precautions Give enough calories to the patient....
BrandKetoessen Drug PackagingFilm-Coated Tablet 1's
Indications/Uses A nutritional supplement, for 19 years old and above, for the prevention and treatment of vitamins and/or mineral deficiencies.   Dosage/Direction for Use Orally, one softgel capsule once a day. Or, as directed by a doctor. Missed Dose:  If...
BrandConzace Dosage StrengthFormulation: Each softgel capsule contains Retinol palmitate (Vit. A) dl-Alpha Tocopheryl Acetate (Vitar Ascorbic Acid (Vit. C) Zinc (as Sulfate) 5,000 IU 100 IU 500mg 25mg
Indications Used for patients with anorexia as seen in malnutrition & anorexia nervosa. it can also be used for nutrional support in post-operation, chronic illness, metabolic disorder, Iron deficiency anemia & convalescence. Dosage Adult: To be taken one capsule twice daily. ...
BrandAPPETIZ Dosage StrengthBuclizine HCI / Multivitamins / Iron
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Indications/Uses Dietary supplement in childn for optimum growth, strength & good health.   Dosage/Direction for Use Syr   Childn 4-12 yr  5 mL (1 tsp),  1-3 yr  2.5 mL-5 mL (½-1 tsp).  Drops   6 mth-2 yr  0.6 mL. All...
BrandPropan TLC Drug PackagingSyrup 60ml
Description As source of daily calcium intake for the prevention and treatment of calcium deficiency such as osteoporosis. Per tablet: Calcium (equivalent as calcium carbonate 1250mg) 500 mg, Cholecalciferol (Vit. D3) 200 I.U. Indications Help maintain optimum bone function; Reduce...
BrandAmbical-Plus Dosage Strength500 mg (Equivalent to 1.25 g Calcium Carbonate) / 200 IU
Indications/Uses Multivitamins + Minerals (Sangobion IRON+)   provides complete and reliable treatment for a wide range of anemias: iron deficiency anemia; anemia during pregnancy, growth, convalescence and senility; megaloblastic and macrocytic hyperchromic anemias; alimentary...
BrandSangobion Dosage StrengthEach capsule contains: Ascorbic Acid (Vit. C)-50 mg Folic Acid (Vitamin B9)-1 mg Cyanocobalamin (Vit. B12)-7.5 mcg Iron (equivalent to 250 mg Ferrous Gluconate) -30 mg Manganese Sulfate-200 mcg Copper Sulfate-200 mcg
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