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Indications/Uses Prevention and treatment of Herpes simplex; Herpes zoster (shingles); Varicella (chickenpox); Varicella zoster Dosage/Direction for Use Adult:  400 mg bid at approx 12-hourly intervals. Alternatively, 200 mg 4 times daily at approx 6-hourly intervals....
BrandXyclovirax Dosage Strength400mg
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Indications/Uses For the treatment of herpes simplex virus infections of the skin and mucous membranes including initial and recurrent genital herpes zoster (shingles) infections; chicken pox (varicella) in children over the age of two years old. Dosage/Direction for Use Dosage in...
BrandHerpex Dosage Strength800 mg
Indications/Uses For the treatment of various infections such as: Herpes simplex, Genital warts, Sclerosing panencephalitis. Dosage/Direction for Use Syrup Dosage:  Initially and during the peak stage of the disease: 100 mg/kg body weight daily. Subsequently, 50 mg/kg body weight...
BrandIsoprinosine Dosage Strength500 mg
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Indication Herpes zoster (shingles);   Used in the systemic treatment of viral infections.   Administration May be taken with or without food. May be taken w/ meals to reduce GI discomfort.   Contraindications Hypersensitivity to aciclovir and...
BrandSAPHRIVAX Dosage Strength800mg