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About MedsGo

How does MedsGo work?

MedsGo provides users with access to a catalogue of medications, supplements and medical equipment collected from numerous drugstores through the Philippines. Our customers can look for drugs which are close to their area and then put in a booking request at the pharmacy of their choosing. As soon as the pharmacy confirms the reservation, the buyer can end up and pay for the medicines.

We take safety and security seriously and that is why, any items included on our website, first need to be double-checked on the FDA database and only pharmacies holding a valid FDA License to Operate are allowed to become part of our platform.

Also, a delivery service is available for customres within 2 hours. We are proud that we were able to make delivery fast and convenient for customers.

Vision and Mission

We are a company that works hard to provide comprehensive health-related services that will further improve healthcare in the country.

MedsGo was created with the goal of making medicines and healthcare supplies convenient for Filipinos. Founded in 2023, MedsGo is a digital service which allows customers to order these items on the web. We team up with registered pharmacies and distributors to guarantee quick access to essential medical products. Our services are continually evolving, which includes same-day delivery, a telephone health line, and an online prescription option.

It is MedsGo's ambition to become the principal e-commerce provider of medical items and healthcare essentials around the Philippines. Our company seeks to revolutionize the purchasing process of medications, making it hassle-free and dispensing with the need to queue up at a store.

MedsGo is devoted to providing a simpler way of obtaining medicines and healthcare goods. With the help of our partner pharmacies and distributors, we are committed to take care of the medicinal needs of Filipinos. We are also making every effort to expand our products and services, by including health-related assistance.