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Grow your pharmacy

Grow your pharmacy business!
Generate more sales by selling on MedsGo
The easiest way to reserve your medicines at the comfort of customer’s home.
Introducing MedsGo
MedsGo is an online platform for pharmacies. Our goal is to make medicines and supplements accessible to everyone and let people reserve medicines from the comfort of their homes. With MedsGo, Filipinos can check the availability of medicines in nearby pharmacies and reserve them through our platform.
Our benefits
Additional sales channel
Increase your income with us. We have made the purchase in your pharmacy as comfortable as possible for the client. Information about the order instantly appears on your e-mail, and you just have to collect it.
Have you been dreaming about your online store for a long time?
Lets make it come true on our platform with your personal link.
No upfront costs, no subscriptions.
Delivery service for your business
The client can receive his order directly at your pharmacy, as well as have access to home delivery. Now your goods are more accessible to the client!
Save time looking for a distributor
Did you know that you can not only find buyers on our platform, but also easily and comfortably buy in bulk from pharmaceutical distributors?
Compare prices, choose the best distributors and buy online! What's more, you'll get a 500 pesos discount on your first order.
How it works?
  • Register on our platform
    Within 24 hours our manager will activate your account. You will receive an e-mail to your email address about successful activation.
  • Manage your goods
    List items on your free online store. Specify prices and quantity of goods, create promotions and progressive discounts.
    Important! You do not need to spend time creating a product cards. All medicstions are already added, you only need to select the one you need and add it to your online store.
  • Get an order from Customers
    As soon as the Customer places an order for your products, you will receive information by e-mail and in the administration panel.
    Confirm order and collect. Wait for the сгыещьук at the pharmacy or wait for our courier if the customer has chosen home delivery.
  • Buy in bulk from distributors
    Now you can not only increase your sales, but also easily and comfortably choose and buy goods from pharmaceutical distributors.
    Remember, you need to be registered to buy in bulk.
Our Rates
Below you can see our rates
  • 5%
    fee for each successful and paid by the customer order
  • 0 ph
    fee for creating and using your own online store
  • 0 ph
    the cost of shipping your goods to the customers
  • 500 discount
    for your first bulk purchase
Grow your pharmacy business!
Let's generate more sales with us